Live review of higher education web sites #2

Working through technical issues, I changed my screen resolution to better match the HD requirements of some sites and I tried to buy a new mic at Target (We had gift certificates) but it totally sucked and didn’t work with my computer.

Anyways next episode and three new sites reviewed. Check them out and let me know what you think. Do you like the format? Is three sites too many? Not enough? I spend about 5 minutes on each site but it feels almost like I am rushing through a checklist of requirements for me to give it the thumbs up. I don’t want the show to become a checklist. Next episode I am going to try something new depending on your comments. So comment below or Twitter me.

I did not want to reveal the title for the new site till next episode but since it was taking waaay too long to re-encode the video without the title on it I thought what the heck why not let everyone know the name of the site. Enjoy.

Links from the video:

One reply on “Live review of higher education web sites #2”

Well done for a second effort. I find your video’s very instructional. We re-did our website trying to look at it from a user perspective. It is helpful to get another view on what a user might be looking for. There is always some room for interpretation on looks but your points about usability and what should be a priority is both reinforcing and helpful in expanding our thoughts. For example we are going to add links to the course descriptions to all the required course pages and your dialog helps re-inforce that we are doing the right thing.

My preference would be to do a single ten minute summary of the the steps that you use to evaluate a site. Not just an example but a tutorial sort of … and then a series of run-throughs showing what you find good and bad. The tutorial would be very helpful in itself and then the run-throughs would be good re-enforcement. Also keep the run-throughs to no more than two schools. 23 minutes is quite a long time to hold your audience’s attention.

When I get the updates done I may ask for your input on our progress. – – You may want to think about how to handle such requests in the future. It could be overwhelming … . . the easiest answer is no but it could be a great hook to expand your audience …

Best of luck and have fun at the wedding.


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