2012 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Write a book
  2. Give an ignite talk
  3. Publish something 6 days a week
  4. Finish my office (floor, walls, desk, bookshelves)
  5. Truly learn Ruby on Rails or Python
  6. Beat my previous marathon time
  7. Grow EDU Snippits to a 1000+ visitor per week website
  8. Run a hackathon at Wayne State University
  9. Take public transportation to work at least once
  10. Be the best possible influence to Cecilia DeNardis

2011 Resolutions (3 success, 7 fail)

  1. FAIL: Learn sign language
    • Just basically no time. Taking this off my list
  2. FAIL: Write a book
    • Grad School totally got in the way of this one
  3. SEMI SUCCESS: Be a motivator in and outside of work
    • No concrete evidence but I feel like I have been a motivator
  4. FAIL: Stick to a schedule of once every two weeks posting to .eduGuru
  5. FAIL: Finish my office (Floor, Walls, Desk, Bookshelves)
  6. FAIL: Truly learn Ruby on Rails or Python
  7. SEMI SUCCESS: Contribute to an open source project
  8. SEMI FAIL: No longer order meat
    • Started out great for the first six months. I still eat meat, just not much at all
  9. SUCCESS: Run a marathon
  10. FAIL: Take public transportation to work at least once
    • No excuse why I didn’t get this one done

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2 replies on “2012 New Year’s Resolutions”

Ya know I go back and fourth between saying “not reaching a goal is a failure” or “not reaching a goal was a change of priorities.”

As an idea guy maybe that’s my excuse for having more ideas than I’ll ever be able to implement, but if I focus on staying true to core principles I don’t feel as guilty missing concrete goal(s). Or is that me just fooling myself?

As for #3 “Be a motivator in and outside of work” I bet you make more of an impact than you will ever know. I’d call that one a success and I have concrete evidence to back it up 🙂

p.s. What’s the book going to be about?

Thanks for your insight. I think you’re right about the change in priorities vs failure. I think more of my priorities changed this last year as me and my wife welcomed our first child in to the world.

As for #3, glad the evidence exists, I’ll take your word for it 🙂

For the book, I have been entertaining the idea of writing it on iterative website redesign. I have a few ideas outlined already but no single outline that I am super happy about. I am just going to start writing and see where it goes this year.

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