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2012 New Year's Resolutions

  1. Write a book
  2. Give an ignite talk
  3. Publish something 6 days a week
  4. Finish my office (floor, walls, desk, bookshelves)
  5. Truly learn Ruby on Rails or Python
  6. Beat my previous marathon time (opens new window)
  7. Grow EDU Snippits (opens new window) to a 1000+ visitor per week website
  8. Run a hackathon at Wayne State University
  9. Take public transportation to work at least once
  10. Be the best possible influence to Cecilia DeNardis (opens new window)

# 2011 Resolutions (3 success, 7 fail)

  1. FAIL: Learn sign language
  • Just basically no time. Taking this off my list
  1. FAIL: Write a book
  • Grad School totally got in the way of this one
  1. SEMI SUCCESS: Be a motivator in and outside of work
  • No concrete evidence but I feel like I have been a motivator
  1. FAIL: Stick to a schedule of once every two weeks posting to .eduGuru
  2. FAIL: Finish my office (Floor, Walls, Desk, Bookshelves)
  3. FAIL: Truly learn Ruby on Rails or Python
  4. SEMI SUCCESS: Contribute to an open source project
  1. SEMI FAIL: No longer order meat
  • Started out great for the first six months. I still eat meat, just not much at all
  1. SUCCESS: Run a marathon
  1. FAIL: Take public transportation to work at least once
  • No excuse why I didn't get this one done

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