Using TablePlus with Vagrant and MySQL

Moving from Sequel Pro to TablePlus I ran into an issue connecting to MySQL on a Vagrant machine. There is a difference in how Sequel Pro and TablePlus SSH connection settings work. Sequel Pro connection settings Using the SSH tunnel we are able to authenticate with the ‘vagrant’ user and ~/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key. TablePlus connection settings TablePlus […]

Getting Cypress JS to interact with CKEditor

Because .type() doesn’t submit when selecting the textarea. While writing a few tests I ran into a problem of manipulating text in a CKEditor window. Without diving completely into how CKEditor implements the editable iframe, my first thought was to use the native textarea field and skip adding content to the WYSIWYG all together. Using the native type() function // The underlying `textarea` cy.get(“#html_body”) .type(“<p>HTML body</p>”); Cypress […]

Success is in partnerships

Going it alone is a recipe for failure A university is filled with people doing incredible things. I’ve work in and around higher education professionals for 15 years. I’m constantly amazed by their ingenuity and willingness to share their lessons learned. Ideas are just ideas without the support of others “Give me six hours to chop down […]

Giving Medium a shot at living up to user expectations

Why Medium makes it to my daily reading list Last year I purged as many incoming requests for my attention as possible. Medium has become something I’ve adopted, enjoy and think it’s worth giving it a shot to stick around. Video games or watching too many movies wasn’t the problem, to be honest I’ve never done […]

edUi 2017 analytics workshop announced – September 25-27, 2017

edUi conference edUi is a conference for web professionals working at institutions of learning—colleges, universities, libraries, and museums. 2017 location September 25-27 Charlottesville, VA at 3 venues on the scenic pedestrian mall in downtown One half-day workshop is included with every edUi registration at no additional charge. Everyone who wants a workshop at edUi gets a […]