[What I’m Reading] The Quote Edition

“Responsive design is an integrated process that requires designers and developers to work in harmony. It’s not a process that involves a designer mocking up 3 different versions of a page (small, medium and large) and then handing it over the wall to a developer. If you’re doing this, please stop. You misread the memo […]

[What I’m Reading] The new format edition

I’ve decided to separate my reading list to match the category of the articles. Hope you enjoy. Inspiration Why Kmart’s Advertising Will Not Work Building Self-Awareness Through Another Person’s Eyes Scott Berkun Speaking at AEA: The Five Most Dangerous Ideas Web Development Preventing the Performance Hit from Custom Fonts Slides from my Responsive Web Design Summit talk, ‘Measuring Web Performance’ Commonly Confused […]

HigherEdLive – Creative Team Leadership – March 14, 2013

On Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 7pm EST I’ll be hosting HigherEdLive. I’ll be joined by some amazing guests to talk about Creative Team Leadership. It’s one thing to bring creative ideas to life as an individual, it’s another to lead a team of creatives to produce the highest quality work and always push the envelope. […]