Live review of higher education web sites #2

Working through technical issues, I changed my screen resolution to better match the HD requirements of some sites and I tried to buy a new mic at Target (We had gift certificates) but it totally sucked and didn’t work with my computer. Anyways next episode and three new sites reviewed. Check them out and let […]

EDU Checkup

And… We have a title! EDU Checkup is the name of the show. The focus is to check out education web sites and so an impromptu review of the site from a prospective students view. Domain is currently pointing to my personal site but that is only temporary. I am feverishly working on the new […]

Live review of higher education web sites

In the last few posts I talked about my passion to critique higher education web sites via I decided to take it one step further and actually show you what I look for when reviewing these sites. Again this is the first time I am doing this whole video thing, you actually get to […]