Using TablePlus with Vagrant and MySQL

Moving from Sequel Pro to TablePlus I ran into an issue connecting to MySQL on a Vagrant machine. There is a difference in how Sequel Pro and TablePlus SSH connection settings work. Sequel Pro connection settings Using the SSH tunnel we are able to authenticate with the ‘vagrant’ user and ~/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key. TablePlus connection settings TablePlus […]

Shipping day, RT Reach is out the door

Starting something new begins with shipping the first version. I’ve been working on a social media campaign tracking app for a while now. It started early 2015 when helping the Detroit Grand Prix track their social activity leading up to and through race weekend. Although that initial version was launched, it left much to be desired in […]

[Screenshots] New Twitter follower email format

Looks like Twitter just updated their “following you” email format. I haven’t seen a reference to it on the Twitter Blog yet so it might be pushed out slowly. I have included screenshots of the old and new layouts above for comparison. A few things have been changing: Informationally The subject now includes the person’s […]

Official Twitter App – Multi-window support game changer

Something that has been severely lacking in the official Twitter desktop app has been “multi-window” or multiple view ability. I recently moved from the official app (which I loved because it utilizes stream) to Twitteriffic because it was much easier to follow lists and saved searches. Open in New Window The newest update to the Twitter desktop app has […]