Understanding Rails Partials

Partial’s are great, i really wish there was something as straight forward in Smarty. With Smarty it would require a loop and an include, but partials roll that all into one. It great when you are displaying a list of items, especially if that list can be used in multiple pages in many contexts. With […]


The MultiForm() function is here. It allows an entire form or just one form field to be displayed with the [] brackets on the end of the input name. This allows the form to have multiple copies of the same fields in the same form without anything getting overwritten or any additional setup. Here is […]

A More Centered API

Its been a while but we have been working hard on an API that is going to withstand the test of time. This will make Simpl more expendable and not require as many application code level changes in the future. These function have been added to the Form() Class: SetDisplay($fields) -> BooleanSetHidden($fields) -> BooleanSetOmit($fields) -> […]