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New Google Analytics [Screenshots]

If you haven’t applied or looked already you may be missing out on the New Google Analytics. It looks like they are starting to roll it out slowly and our main university account just got activated. I have only been able to play with it a little and I wanted to share some screen shots to show off some new things.

It seems that the core tools have not changed a lot but the interface around them is completely changed. It feels far more responsive and moving in between pages doesn’t have the long loading that plagues the current interface.

The most notable feature addition is the customizable Dashboard which actually does allow you to pull in completely customized “Widgets” into a number of groupings. Creating these widgets is done the same way as segments so there is a lot of functionality.

If there is something specific you want to see just let me know and I can add to these screenshots.

software thoughts

Feedburner Beta [Screenshots]

If you log in to your Feedburner account and notice the Try out the NEW (beta) version! I suggest you do. Below is a few screenshots I took of the new interface and tools. It is their first change to the interface after buying the service and to be honest it is a step in the right direction but Google could have done soo much more. The graphs and UI elements are very similar to Google Analytics but not exactly the same. My wish was for GA and Feedburner to be integrated but it looks like we will all have wait a bit longer for the possibility.

In the mean time enjoy these screen shots and try it out for yourself.

I don’t mind sharing my EDU Checkup data with you guys, but if you plan to pass along the photos please let me know first, thanks. 🙂


Mobile users are either repetitive, bored, or urgent

In a recent article Google Lays Out Its Mobile User Experience Strategy. In it they bring attention to something we don’t often think about. Mobile users are either repetitive, bored, or urgent.


Someone checking for the same piece of information over and over again, like checking the same stock quotes or weather. Google uses cookies to help cater to mobile users who check and recheck the same data points.


Users who have time on their hands. People on trains or waiting in airports or sitting in cafes. Mobile users in this behavior group look a lot more like casual Web surfers, but mobile phones don’t offer the robust user input of a desktop, so the applications have to be tailored.


Request to find something specific fast, like the location of a bakery or directions to the airport. Since a lot of these questions are location-aware, Google tries to build location into the mobile versions of these queries.

Keeping these three user types in context can really help shape your project. If your site doesn’t accomplish your users goals they likely won’t come back.


Amazed how fast Google and Yahoo index Flickr

It took just a few hours and my misspelled title on a Flickr photo made it to the top spot on Google and Yahoo. With thousands of photos being uploaded every minute it amazes me how efficient search engines are.

Often I use google to search for the correct spelling of words. Mainly because I have way too many thoughts running around, if I stop to really think about a words spelling I could loose more important ideas. Words don’t change their spelling too often.

“creepyist” was one of those words. Im so use to OS X’s inline spell checker that sending photos from my phone often results in misspelled words. In the 3 hours the misspelled word was on Flickr before I had a chance to correct it, it made it to the top of the search results of Google and Yahoo. Unfortunately MSN lagged behind and missed my misspelling.

Screen Shots Below:

Now reindexing, that is a different issue. It has been a few hours since I made the change and still no update from Google or Yahoo. Seems odd, but I guess the more accurate the first time you upload the better its position.


Google Groups Beta… Impressed.

So Google has launched a Beta Groups site and I have been using it for a while now and all I can say is I am pretty impressed. It has kept my attention alot longer than I was planning to be reading my groups. For one the interface is alot better, this are orgainized into clusters and there is alot more options. I found I was totally side track configuring my group. Anyays the user manament is a million times better I have not had time to play with the Page Creator or the File Upload yet. One thing that i could not get to work, but it more than likely was my fault is the image upload for the user icon would not save for me. Oh well ill have to try it again tomorow.

Oh yea I am still waiting for a shipping date for my new Mac. :-/ Hopefully soon i can get down to some real development outside of work.