Shrinking a Big World.

Working on a promotions add-onTaking something large and packaging it into something short, sweet and understandable is a designers passion. Taking a step back it is also a programmer and teachers passion.

Yesterday I had the honor to give a top down talk and tutorial of a web site manager to my Senior Seminar group. This included all the logic behind a site managers functionality down to the implementation using PHPSimpl

It was really great to be able to explain my passion for the web and visualize it on a whiteboard to people who initially could not grasp even a part of the process, to in the end being so excited about the system they wanted to run to a computer and start coding.

My first attempt to get the group involved was to trace through a web manager and go into detail about how everything connected, this failed miserably. So taking a step back I reverted back to my love for design and took a high level approach and then lead down to the actual code.

A whiteboard is the best teaching tool in my opinion, you can sit at a computer all day and look at code and understand but without seeing the relationships between everything coding can only go so far. Understanding the whole system only breeds better system development, less chance of code clash and fewer bugs.

What it comes down to is the ability to take the huge world of a program, a site, or a collection of sites and package it up to give relevance to the actual user. We do this when creating navigation for a site all the way to creating features for the content management system which houses over 200 sites.

The best programmers, designers and educators can take the massive amounts of data and sum it up, package it and deliver it directly to the brain to influence excitement and energy into the students and process.

My hat goes to all those teachers out there who get to practice this passion to inspire, keep up the good work.


Senior project gone too far

Motor City Software Logo Idea

When does a senior project go too far?

  • When you are doing a project that is in your profession?
  • When you register a domain name for your “company”?
  • When you create a logo for your “company”?
  • When you consider creating t-shirts for your “company”?
  • Or is it when you apply for a doing business as name?

Just pick one. We unfortunately just have one left…


Proxy Midterm Update

For our midterm in GET/POST/HEAD requests. Well it all went well and my group got a 100. The proxy actually preforms very well and handles most pages out there, and has a pretty sophisticated caching engine. Although there is a few drawbacks when the page uses some odd connection types to get its information and multi part POST’s don’t seem to be working but all in all we are very proud how it came out. I will probably be posting the code somewhere to get it out in the public and maybe a viable small scale proxy. We will have to wait till the end of the semester and get approval from my partner.


Proxy Project Going Good.

So I finally got my new Mini and my new Desk all setup. Thats all i wanted to say. Oh yea and we are finally seriously working on a new look for the Wayne State University homepage, it desperately needs it (from a back end and management standpoint, the frontend pretty much just needs a realign), four years old and designed by a company that went out of business. Now that we have the tools in place we can get it setup right.

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