Giving Medium a shot at living up to user expectations

Why Medium makes it to my daily reading list

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Last year I purged as many incoming requests for my attention as possible. Medium has become something I’ve adopted, enjoy and think it’s worth giving it a shot to stick around.

Video games or watching too many movies wasn’t the problem, to be honest I’ve never done much of either. It was the little things that stole my attention without even realizing it. The small things that I did habitually on a daily, hours or immediate basis that forced me to become deliberate about my time.

Things I’ve purged checking daily

  • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook timelines
  • HTML email newsletters
  • Push notification for basically anything on my phone

Things that have stood the test of time

  • Email marked as Primary
  • Nuzzle email digest
  • Quora email digest
  • Medium digest
  • Podcasts while driving/running

Medium is for stories, how to’s and personality

Personal stories, interviews and experiences define how opinions are shaped and Medium sets the perfect environment for these stories.

I’ve tried Pocket, Instapaper, and various other tools to strip away the cruft from sites to create the ideal reading environment. Medium accomplishes this without requiring me to leave the site.

Content curation on the Medium homepage and email have been spot on and they promise to make it better. For me it’s the combination of recommendations by friends, popular items from topics I follow and a few off the wall stories that I wouldn’t have searched out myself. This mix has made it feel far less like typical sites that focus on a descending list of popular articles, but more like a personalized newsletter.

Writing/cross promoting content on Medium

Many OG blogger, including myself, believe my content isn’t safe long term on Medium. They are profiting from me and if they shut down tomorrow all my content and following go *poof* without a way to redirect.

I still maintain my own domain, blog, and email list for content ownership but like others, attention and discovery are slim. The few articles I have posted to Medium include the standard “Originally posted at…” final line to let people know I am more than Medium articles.

This fear is something that Medium should embrace, it means people are putting hard work into the content they produce here. They don’t consider it throw away content and are conscious about their investment.

Hope for the future

I have hope that Medium will do the right thing and embrace content creators and consumers genuinely to squash these fears. I’m giving Medium a chance to succeed and you should too. It will be pretty clear in a few months with how many people vote with their feet (dollars).

Wanted: Entrepreneurial Designers and Coders. Be part of Detroit’s next cool startup at SWD.

Startup Weekend Detroit

Originally posted by Charlie Wollborg on the TEDxDetroit LinkedIn group. I just had to spread it. I attended the first Startup Weekend Detroit a few years ago and had a great time and met some amazing people. I would recommend the event to anyone!

We love to highlight the many cool startups springing to life in Detroit every year at TEDxDetroit. Here’s your chance to be part of one.

Startup Weekend is returning to Detroit February 17th. It’s a 54-hour celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit. 100 makers, thinkers and doers walk into a building Friday night and 10 new web-based companies emerge on Sunday. From forming teams to brainstorming to business plans to designing mockups to coding prototypes to making the big pitch to venture capitalists, it all happens in one crazy weekend. It’s an amazing experience.

If you’re an artist, technologist, designer, geek, illustrator, coder or entrepreneur, you need to be part of Startup Weekend Detroit.

This year’s event will be even more special as it’s being held at the spectacular Madison Building (the home of Detroit Venture Parters, Detroit Labs and several other budding tech companies). It’s hosted by a couple of Xs – Brandon Chestnutt and Henry Balanon (who presented at TEDxDetroit in 2010). Networking, innovation, inspiration and education will surround you. It’s the perfect environment in which to test crazy ideas and take the first step towards launching a company that becomes the next big thing.

You can learn more and register at: but don’t delay, this event sells out every year.

Come fan that entrepreneurial flame that burns bright inside you. Who knows – we might be hearing all about your success story on stage at the next TEDxDetroit.

Keep Creating –

Charlie Wollborg
curator, TEDxDetroit