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Feedburner Beta [Screenshots]

If you log in to your Feedburner account and notice the Try out the NEW (beta) version! I suggest you do. Below is a few screenshots I took of the new interface and tools. It is their first change to the interface after buying the service and to be honest it is a step in the right direction but Google could have done soo much more. The graphs and UI elements are very similar to Google Analytics but not exactly the same. My wish was for GA and Feedburner to be integrated but it looks like we will all have wait a bit longer for the possibility.

In the mean time enjoy these screen shots and try it out for yourself.

I don’t mind sharing my EDU Checkup data with you guys, but if you plan to pass along the photos please let me know first, thanks. 🙂


Flickr stats messed up today?

Logged into my Flickr stats today and noticed a HUGE spike in traffic. Weird thing is that no one photo was driving that spike. There is one photo that dominated the stats spike. It seems like a ton of photos just got 1-2 views each. Anyone else have this happen to them yesterday?

Flickr Stats Graph

Flickr Stats Detail