Opinion: Should images be used in header H1 tags?

Question: Recently, I saw you call out the negatives of using images instead of textual H1s. I’m completely on your side, but saw Matt Cutts recently speak about the design benefits of using a graphic head, and simply alt-tagging the H1 image with your text. There are some obvious aesthetic benefit possibilities with that approach, […]

Form Errors – Validating phone numbers and the importance of hand testing

Nothing replaces hand testing forms I fill out a lot of forms during the day, some on existing sites and others as new internal forms that need review. When testing I have a habit of submitting forms with every error combination possible. I know there are automated tools for this but nothing beats seeing it […]

User manipulation with green buttons

Green means go right? Green also means positive, and lastly confirm. So why not manipulate a user’s actions by placing a green button to confirm an action they might have otherwise not taken? That is exactly what I encountered a few days ago at a grocery store. The Setup I went to the self checkout, […]