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Google Groups Beta... Impressed.

So Google has launched a Beta Groups (opens new window) site and I have been using it for a while now and all I can say is I am pretty impressed. It has kept my attention alot longer than I was planning to be reading my groups. For one the interface is alot better, this are orgainized into clusters and there is alot more options. I found I was totally side track configuring my group (opens new window). Anyays the user manament is a million times better I have not had time to play with the Page Creator or the File Upload yet. One thing that i could not get to work, but it more than likely was my fault is the image upload for the user icon would not save for me. Oh well ill have to try it again tomorow.

Oh yea I am still waiting for a shipping date for my new Mac (opens new window). 😕 Hopefully soon i can get down to some real development outside of work (opens new window).