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Announcing: Introduction to User Experience Design - 10-hour video course

I’m happy to announce the availability of a user experience course that I’ve been working on with Pearson and O’Reilly Media! The goal is to make an introductory UX course that is approachable and touches on each area of UX with the goal of being able make your product/service/team 1% better each day.

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# Overview

This course is for anyone involved with the creation of websites or apps that are used by end-users. It focuses on the web page, app experience, showing various website examples that are either viewed in a browser or as screenshots, illustrating effective design and considering multiple ways to interact with a site based on different motivations.

Whether you have created digital experiences for users in the past or this is your first time, there are always insights to learn and take into your current or future roles.

# What you wil learn

  • Understand what makes a website/app usable
  • Learn common patterns that users look for
  • Measure the success of a site/app
  • Perform A/B tests to increase the usability of a site/app
  • Sell design or implementation changes to team members based on data

# Course audience

  • Web developers, UI designers, Web product managers

# Course outline

# Section 1: Learn UX Principles, Roles, and Responsibilities

Lesson 1: Understand Core Concepts of User Experience

Lesson 2: Review Principles of Interaction Design

Lesson 3: Walk Through the UX Process

Lesson 4: Discover UX Myths and Pitfalls

# Section 2: Bring the User Experience into Action

Lesson 5: Create UX Artifacts

Lesson 6: Change the User Experience

Lesson 7: Explore Case Studies

Lesson 8: Discover Visual Design Patterns

# Section 3: Testing User Experiences and Evolution of Design

Lesson 9: Conduct A/B and Multivariate Tests

Lesson 10: Make the Business Case for Changes

Lesson 11: Avoid Dark Patterns

Lesson 12: Get a Fresh Perspective

Lesson 13: Apply the Principles

# Overall thoughts

I couldn’t be more excited to share these principles that I use on a daily basis with the world and in a format that walks through each in detail with examples. Each video is captioned and offers various playback speeds.

The Pearson and O’Reilly team made this possible, the process was rigorous, their quality bar is very high and I cannot thank them enough for the support and guidance throughout the process.

# Orielly free trial

Each of the sections above have a 1-minute preview and O’Reilly is currently offering a 10-day free trial (opens new window) to access everything in their entire learning library. If you’re on the fence about the course or the platform, this is a perfect time dive in and try it out.

# Feedback

If there is something you would like to see covered more/less or if you have any feedback on the contents of the course or how anything is presented or covered, reach out to me on Twitter @nickdenardis (opens new window) as I’m always looking to improve and evolve the material over time.

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