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Getting Things Done.

(opens new window)Time has been flying. We have under a year now till the wedding and I have really been trying to get alot of things out of the way and on the right track.

First is getting rid of a ton of junk (opens new window) that has been collecting over the years. I threw away all my old computer stuff, just left a few parts which were actually worth some money. And am down to two computers and a laptop.

I have been putting things up (opens new window) on eBay randomly. Right now I have two old phones and a bluetooth adapter. My mindset is if i have not used something in three months to get rid of it. I have really been trying to minimize the clutter in my life.

I have been using Ruby on Rails (opens new window) more and more and it has grown on me, it is simple, straight to the point and a real enjoyable experience.

I have also started jogging every day. I got to a point where my appearance really started to bother me and I needed to do something about it. I really have been enjoying jogging and it actually has given me alot more energy.

I recommend for anyone else who really needs a push into productivity to read both Getting Real (opens new window) and Bit Literacy (opens new window).