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PHPSimpl 0.8.2 Feature Update

Just keep adding features
So after some time working with the current release we noticed some areas where improvement was needed. So what did we do? We improved in all the wonderful ways below:

  • Added a debug.log file to debug a live site in real time, best used with “tail -f”

  • Added the ErrorMessages() function to summarize a forms errors, similar to Rails.

  • Added the SetConditions() function so querying for >, <, <=, LIKE and OR’s are all possible now.

  • Added a Get and Set Folder name functions in the Folder Class.

  • DisplayList() now uses the options of a field to display in the list.

  • RowsAffected() now works like it should.

  • Fixed the Debug Query to work again.

Its a Recommended Update

Questions or Comments? Feel free to leave them in the PHPSimpl Group (opens new window). There is always someone to help available. By the way we love feature requests, keep them coming.