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IP Changed :-?

So we have had cable internet for probably 12 years now, it first started out with Excite@Home and which got bought out by Comcast. Well in those 12 years I have only had two IP’s, one for Excite which was pretty much static 24..*. Those were the good old days when there were no limits and they did not try to control everything. And one for Comcast which is essentially dynamic but i have had to reset my router a few times and it has always come up with the same IP 68..*. Well all of a sudden yesterday of all days they decide to change my IP randomly, without me even renewing it from the router. They changed the whole IP even, doesn’t even start with the same A class 69..*.! Now it is more complicated and I have to change all my hosts files on my machines to match 😕 What a hassle, im done venting..