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Bumps Road Moving to Joyent

So I thought moving was easy… I thought wrong. Yesterday I decided although my new site was not fully complete in development that I would sign up for Joyent (opens new window) hosting and get everything setup so in the next week I would be all ready to launch the new site. I picked my plan, put in my CC info and then waited… three minutes to be exact, and I was not surprised to see a large “Opps something went wrong” page. After checking my email I noticed that I did get an email saying my CC was charged but what was odd was their was no invoice number. Fearing I would be double charged I didn’t resubmit my CC info and clicked their friendly Help link. I submitted a ticket outlining all my steps and intentions and waited…

My current host (opens new window) (not blogger) but for my client work always respond within 30 minutes with at least a We see the issue and we will get someone working on it. But every hosting company is different so I thought I would just wait it out. Well it is 24 hours later and still no response. All that has changed was it was assigned to a “Chris Morris”. So I put in a response confirming that 24 hours have gone by and asking if they had an estimated time frame for responding to issues. That was three hours ago and still no response.

So I am trying my best to keep it positive but if this is the way a hosting company treats its potential customers they better have some damn good servers and uptime.