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New Host! New Home!

Friday Night (opens new window)My new setup is quite comfortable. Hosting by Joyent (opens new window) running on a Shared Accelerator using Mongrel (opens new window) proxyied through Apache (opens new window) to run a Rails (opens new window) application known as SimpleLog (opens new window) with a green inspired simple style theme created by Myself (opens new window) using a new CSS framework called Blueprint (opens new window).

From the time my DNS change went through it took only about an hour to get the whole thing up and running. Although while typing this I am still waiting for a Mongrel port, running Mongrel by hand works just fine.

The setup was good timing because Andrea (opens new window) is working late and I am still trying to wrap my head around all the upcoming decisions needed to be made about (opens new window). I am now the Interim Web Manager in the Marketing Department. With the new position comes some new goals and I am currently putting them together and hope to bring my experience with high load shared server environments in some upcoming articles.

Eventually all my old archived articles from my blogger account will get moved over, I just need the motivation to do it.

Accelerated By Joyent (opens new window)