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Motivation during tough times

Beautiful detroit (opens new window)Staying motivated while the going is touch is a pretty daunting task, especially if the big picture is just out sight. Weather it is for a short period of time or half the year everyone hits a hard point in their life. The key is to not think of yourself as being singled out, things just happen, getting past it is the first step and then getting things done is the second.

Getting things done really means keeping yourself upbeat, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The more thought going into the situation the less amount of time you have to work on a solution.

Think of the big picture is my solution when I get into tough times. Thinking about how I will learn from it when I am old and grey. Challenges are meant to be solved, its like any good math problem, some solutions are elegant and other are just plain ugly but there is always a way to an answer.

Know when to move on and either cut your losses or start a new path. A key think for me is not getting comfortable in a situation that does not allow for growth. Not only in a work environment but in any personal situation. I always look for that next chance to improve or to improve on someone else’s life. If there is a point where no more can be done and idle is the best you can do it is time jump to a path with open arms to learn and grow.

Plan for the brick walls because they are unstoppable and unbreakable. Always have at least two or three options open as backups. Mainly when it comes to generating money, sometimes the most creative ways surprise the best of us. And small side jobs end up taking the burden from working crazy hours and keep things flexible.

Always showing your best work when doing any task. Impressions happen all the time and you cannot tell someone you are about to impress them, it just happens like a brick to the face. If always showing your best work means working an extra mile instead of a few feet then you are in the wrong business. It just comes down to thinking more about others than yourself, you are not doing something to benefit yourself you are accomplishing a task to help someone.

And always ending on a good note will never hurt your integrity.