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PHPSimpl made it to popular "php"

We made it! Well sorta, small steps… PHPSimpl (opens new window) made it to the PHP popular (opens new window) list. Its a small step but hey any recognition is good recognition.

PHPSimpl information (opens new window)

It have kinda fell off my radar, work has been crazy lately, my development time has been limited due to my new position and this is the perfect thing to kick start my development of it.

It is actually running all the sites that Wayne State University (opens new window) Marketing and Communications (opens new window) puts out (opens new window). We develop a lot of sites and this framework makes it all possible.

I am contemplating changing the name and am in the process of getting approval for the name on Google Code. It may or may not happen but if it does it will bring a true identity to this unknown framework.

BTW, version 0.8.3 (opens new window) is about to be released because of all this and it is the best so far, quite a bit more stable and a few added features.

If there is anything you would like to see added to the project or just want to check it out please feel free to do so. A few ways are: