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First day out of the pit

Totally my own office (opens new window)So it has been a full day in my own office and unfortunately I didn’t get much time to myself. The Publications team was gone to a conference so we moved all of their desks and computers to their new working space. I was only in my office for increments of 5 minutes to check mail and phone.

The photo attached is the office how I got it. Nothing of mine in there and nothing cleaned. Not at least my computer (opens new window) is in there, things are cleaned up and I have a whiteboard. I will post another picture when it is all done.

Having your own space is like being inside a bubble, I am use to working in a large room with eight or so people. If I had a question about something I could just ask it while still staring at my computer and working. Who ever knew the answer would shout it out and work would continue. Although my office is right next to the pit I cannot hear whats going on out there, I have to rely on alternative methods to communicate. IM mainly but typing is though on the wrists sometimes. I kinda wish everyone had an iSight and we would all just talk and see each other.. nevermind, creepy.

Anyone have any good suggestions on how to deal with communicating when isolated in your own office?