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Great day to sell your junk

Seagate 120 GB Hard Drive (opens new window)

There is never a better time to put your unwanted junk on eBay. Thanksgiving brings a great deal of people in front of a computer who are avoiding family. Not to mention snagging the real early Black Friday goers or the anti Black Friday people like myself who refuse to succumb to the madness. I stick to the register line free online realm.

Like a lot of other 9-5 stiffs there is quite a few things on my computer todo list for when I take time off. Computer parts for upgrades or new machines are going to be sought out for the cheapest price. I know this year I will be on the selling end of those parts, my basement stash has started to build up again.

I currently have a laptop hard drive up for sale, 120 GB SATA drive that has about eight months of light use. Still works, I just upgraded to a larger drive and no longer need this one.

Seagate 120GB Laptop Hard Drive ST9120821AS SATA/150 (opens new window)

I am sure as the day goes on ill be putting more up and now that I have a tripod for my camera the photos will be as clear as ever. Happy Thanksbidding!