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PHPSimpl matches download count in less than 2 weeks!

PHPSimpl Download Count (opens new window)PHPSimpl 0.8.4 (opens new window) has caught up to the 0.8.3 download count in just two weeks! By no means did we expect this release to be so popular. It took 8.3 ~3 months to get to 157 downloads while 8.4 took only 2 weeks.

We never designed the framework to compete with the “big guys” like Zend or PEAR but a lightweight alternative for all those average size sites out there with moderate amounts of traffic. More or less a bolt on set of proven and optimized functions to get a web site up and running quickly.

We feverishly wanted to avoid having to install anything on the server or have to include a script that included 30 files deep just to render a simple page. We also did not want to be tied down to a single file structure or output syntax. With PHPSimpl we can use plain old php to output or Smarty (opens new window) or what ever, the nice thing is we still control our data and the flow of the site.

We are fearlessly working on the next release which we hope to have out by the end of January. The update will include a complete overhaul of the export class, a DbTemplate export function, expanded example and full update to the documentation. But you never know what else we will throw in.

Good luck everyone on your PHPSimpl endeavors.