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PHPSimpl 0.8.5 Feature Release

Long awaited features now implemented. Main highlights include cross database join’s. Functions on DisplayList() fields and a way to change where the required indicator (*) is on forms and the character that is displayed after the label.

A rundown of the complete changes include:

  • Updated example
  • Completely rewritten Export class with CVS, JSON, XML and SQL support
  • Export() function on DbTemplate for seamless exporting
  • Removed the requirement to have DB_DEFAULT defined
  • DisplayList() now places a   for NULL table values for IE border support
  • GetList() and Join() now support cross database queries
  • Added the “required” class to the field items that are required
  • DisplayList() $options can now take a function name as a value for a field.
  • Added the DateTimeDiff() function to the global functions to produce a human readable “time ago” output.
  • Added a type of “settings” for forms to manipulate the Form::Form() function output.
  • A few bug fixes.

This is a Recommended Update

Questions or Comments? Feel free to leave them in the PHPSimpl Group (opens new window). There is always someone to help available. By the way we love feature requests, keep them coming.