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Improper Etiquette - Renaissance Enterprises - Using company letterhead to write personal letters

Planning a wedding for Andrea and I has turned out to be relatively stress free. We got most of the hard work done early and now 3 months before are just wrapping up the details. Our families work well together and so far there has been no drama. That all changed this week when we received a pretty odd letter from one of my relatives.

Not only was the contents out of the norm but it was sent on her companies letterhead. It was all about etiquette and a few stabs at the family. What I thought odd initially was it was addressed to my mom and not me. I have personally only met this in-marriage family member once when I was probably 13 years old. The least she could have done was address the letter to me, I am an adult and it is my wedding.

Anyways, here is the contents of the letter. You decide for yourself if Carollynn Andren is accurately representing her company, Renaissance Enterprises, inc.

Dear Cindy,
I am in receipt of your invitation to the shower for Andrea DeFillippo. Additionally Jeff and I received a “save the date” notification for your home last month.

Jeff and I thought this rather strange since we have not spoken to you or your family since Christmas of 1998. By my math that would be 10 years ago.

First of all my name is Carollynn Andren, not Carollynn Kondrat. You and your family seem to be the only people that I know that can not get this straight. I married Jeff, more than 10 years ago and it never has been a problem for him, my family, friends, or clients. Professional women that get remarried, rarely change their names, in the real world.

Cindy I have coordinated 27 weddings in my life, some small, some very large, (800 people). I always sit down with the bride, groom and their families and talk about what is and is not proper. Sending invitations to people you have not seen in years is not proper.

We with both the bride and groom and their families, good luck and best wished. We will not be attending any of the events that are associated with this wedding. We do believe that your family’s desire to eliminate us from your social events, was made clear to us years ago. We shall continue to follow this way of life, with respect for the privacy and life style of all parties involved.

Carollynn Andren