Nick DeNardis

User experience, code, higher education, analytics and accessibility.

Gauging univerisity homepages

When you have something soo visible that a committee has to be in control of its every pixel those pixels better be gold. In my 9-5 I see thousands of higher ed web sites and can cut right through the BS and know which ones are designed by real web workers and which ones are slapped together pieces of bureaucracy.

My daily goal which is part of a larger goal is to vote on every site on (opens new window) Right now I am #5 top user (opens new window). Soon even closer to #1. I just got through all the A’s, tomorrow all the B’s. Watch out, here I come.

Overall this is part of a large idea I have, I cannot announce it now but I can soon. Stay tuned to see what I have up my sleeve.

Good Night.