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Becoming a .eduGuru Blogger

The past two weeks have been interesting. If you have not heard already the site .eduGuru, a higher education web marketing blog was looking for a few new staff bloggers. They held a contest for prospects to submit a guest blog post and the community would vote.

I submitted the article Tracking Flash Interaction with Google Analytics and after the week of voting I was one of the three chosen to becoming .eduGuru staff. Entering the contest I didn’t expect to win, just being part of the awesome higher ed web community was worth it in itself.

Now that I am in the pressure is on. Working with the bigger names and great thinkers I have to step up my game. I have a few post ideas already in the queue and broke the ice with my first staff post that expanded on my guest post. I explained Tracking outgoing clicks with Google Analytics, giving an insight to where your visitors are going when they leave your site.

So far everything has been great and the bloggers are super supportive. This is the first blogging “job” I have had, so it is a little different. I am use to working on my own schedule and ideas, but this structure will give me great foundation for consistent posts that will benefit the high ed community.

I want to thank everyone who follows me and has given me feedback, I truly appreciate all of you.

Try to keep up with us

Follow everyone at .eduGuru via the site, rss, or twitter. Or you can follow just my posts or my updates on twitter. Feel free to @nickdenardis me anytime.

2 replies on “Becoming a .eduGuru Blogger”

Hopefully it doesn’t feel overwhelming? I’ve got so much stuff on my plate right now I’m just trying to get all the ducks in order so the whole .eduGuru team can succeed as I ease into more of a support and inspirational roll. Things will slow down and get into a rhythm once all the framework is laid out.

You the man!

Its not overwhelming, it is good to have the structure. Without it I start to get A.D.D. and venture in too many directions.

You are doing a great job getting us all up to speed and ready to rock. You are a definite web rockstar!

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