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Zombies? Yellow pages in print is the living dead

Seriously? These things still exist? (opens new window)

If you're reading this I am going to assume you have not picked up a printed Yellow Pages to actually look up a phone number in the last five years. But last week, like clockwork a car was driving down the street delivering Yellow Pages on each doorstep. It made me kind of mad, I wanted to return the book right to them, I just took it from the porch and placed it in recycle. Why is this not an opt out delivery? It is, you just have to look for it, the opt-out is available at (opens new window), they should be promoting the opt-out option instead of delivering these zombies each year.

# The Living Dead

Imagine the number of trees being cut down, the ink used, the plastic wrapping and the gas for delivery that are being used to create these books that a large majority of people are not even going to use or worse not recycle. The amount of litter and waste these book create is almost incredible. Checkout the stats at the Paperless Petition Web page (opens new window).

I think of these books as zombies, no one I know with an internet connection uses them but they just keep coming, they are relentless. "Dead" in the eyes of the community but apparently thriving because of ad revenue produced. Its sad because they are obsolete withing days of bring printed, they are non-adaptable and non-scalable.

# Environmental Responsibility

It amazes me that a company can be so wasteful and irresponsible. Although it probably keeps thousands of people employed and suppliers employed. Is the waste it creates worth all the jobs? What are the consequences of stopping the production of this book? Do the consequences of all these jobs outweigh the environmental benefit? Should companies be rated or rewarded for their overall environmental impact? I think so.

# How you can help

Go to (opens new window) to view and sign the petition. Be responsible and think about what you consume and how it impacts your world.

Footnote: I just opted out but since they only deliver every year have not had the chance to verify the opt-out works. If anyone can verify please do.