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Announcing: EDU Snippits - Inspiring Higher Education Web Design

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I am proud to announce my new site EDU Snippits (opens new window). A Web site dedicated to collecting the best higher education design user interface elements.

# What is EDU Snippits?

EDU Snippits is the place to collect and get inspired about design elements for higher education web sites. It's not designed to rate the whole web site (that is what (opens new window) is for) but to rate snippits of the design that you find appealing or useful. It's a place to gather by category the different design elements of Web pages.

The idea is simple, see something you like on a higher education web site, take a screen shot, cut it out and submit it. It can be anything from the wordmark, promotion button, navigation, forms or even how the content is laid out. The goal is to compare and inspire web designers, developers, writers and user experience experts.

# Check it out