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LinkedIn and the WSU identity crisis. #fail

There are quite a few WSU's out there, Wayne State University (opens new window) (where I am from), Washington State University (opens new window), Wichita State University (opens new window), Wright State University (opens new window), etc. So referencing WSU on the web doesn't always work.

Today I received a LinkedIn (opens new window) invitation from someone I did not know in person. So I checked out her profile and got down to a reference to Wayne State University. I simply scrolled my mouse over the title and this pop-up appeared:

WSU Fail (opens new window)

The pop-up is a normal action of LinkedIn but the content is completely wrong. They mixed up Washington State and Wayne State!

I cannot tell which university is correct, my guess is Wayne State since their other positions have been in Michigan. Being a programmer at heart I try to analyze how this could possibly happen in my head but the only reason I continue to come up with is lazy programming.

I wonder how many other LinkedIn blunders are out there.