Currently: Watching, Listening and Reading

Currently Watching: Beautiful Losers

A film about youth, creativity and insight into the culture of art. It’s now available on iTunes if it’s not playing in a theater near you.

Currently Listening: Raditude (Weezer)

Weezer’s newest album which does have the same feel as their older songs but has a new attitude. My favorite song is “Can’t Stop Partying”

Currently Reading: Eating Animals (Jonathan Safran Foer)

I’m not a vegetarian but do eat more vegetables than meat. A friend recommended this book and I have been addicted to it. In this book Jonathan experiences and details how the meat we eat gets on our plates, the myths and truths about our eating habits and traditions.

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I’m almost done with Eating Animals and it is awesome. I think everyone should read it, even if you love meat and don’t plan on stopping. It puts a lot of things into perspective about society and history. Things we just don’t know anymore because farms are so far removed from daily lives and marketing can mask pretty much anything.

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