Care comes from employees, not institutions

The maintenance people at @waynestate don’t have to wrap the cord on the vacuum so neatly after every use but they do it anyways. Not only does this show the skill and care they put into their work but also reflects an attitude that spreads. You cannot dictate this type of care, passionate employees breed a passionate environment.

How much care do you put into your work? You might not realize who is noticing.

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As an admissions/recruiting/marketing person, these are the details I tend to notice on my campus and when visiting other campuses.

Our college president, when crossing campus for meetings, regularly stops to pick up stray gum wrappers, etc., to deposit at the nearest trash bin. That sends a message on many levels.

I often wonder if visiting families notice these details as well.

I love it when people take pride in their work!

This type of stuff shows integrity and respect. I’m sure visiting families and just anyone around notices consciously or subconsciously details like this. First impressions stick and little things like these can change someone entire experience.

That’s a great observation Nick. Most people would not have noticed that vacuum setup. I certainly agree that it is a representation of the pride that employee takes in their work. It’s good to know that it’s not gone unnoticed.

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