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Grooveshark Preview – Bye Bye Flash

If you are a fan of Grooveshark you have probably been using either the Flash based site or if you are VIP, the AIR application. Both work the exact same way except they rely on Flash and are very resource intensive. If you’re on a laptop and trying to conserve battery Flash is not something you want to be running a lot.

I posted a tweet last week when I realized just how much resources Grooveshark AIR application was taking up while working on a slower computer.

[blackbirdpie id=”2480466154225665″]

Luckily this last week Grooveshark released a preview of their new fully HTML site! It’s not fully HTML5 because it doesn’t have all the features yet. It is only available to VIP members and you have to be running Google Chrome. It looks very similar to the current site. I have included a screen shot above. They did tweak the actual player at the bottom made it more fluid. I personally like it more.

Testing out the resource allocation between the two versions you can see from the activity monitor below the difference is phenomenal! The CPU % was the largest improvement.

Current Flash Version

New HTML Version

I won’t go into the details of the new version of Grooveshark but I just wanted to point out and give the Grooveshark team props for migrating their app into something (almost) completely native. Great job guys, keep up the awesome work!

The new HTML version is available at:

7 replies on “Grooveshark Preview – Bye Bye Flash”

I’ve been using Grooveshark and joined VIP because I wanted to scrobble what I listen and the new preview works great and is a lot faster too. Big fan.

Hi, I recently upgraded to VIP and of course the first thing I checked out was the HTML5 versión, it loaded immediatly BUT My Music is empty, also my playlisys AND if that’s not enough, I can’t even search for music to add, is as if I’m not online or something.

I tried searching for other users with the same prob but even the forums seem to be down (grooveshark forums that is) and there’s no recent info about, this is the most recent link actually, so.. is it just me? or is it happening to all of you?

It has been happening to me the last few days. Try refreshing a few times. Grooveshark has been having server issues and I don’t think that helps with the preview still being in beta. My songs and everything come back once it is back up.

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