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Twitter A/B Testing “Find People”

I oversee a few different Twitter accounts, @nickdenardis, @educheckup, and @waynestate just to name a few and usually have them all open throughout the day. I noticed something interesting today, they are running an A/B test on the wording of a link in the top bar.

The feature, although recently reactivated on the #newtwitter design, has yet to get an announcement on the Twitter Blog. The old “who to follow” feature got it’s fair share of criticism and was removed for a while. My personal opinion is that it was horribly implemented and didn’t really help anybody. The new “who to follow” is actually pretty good and I’ve used it a few times to discover people.

“Find People” vs. “Who To Follow”

Going in between two accounts today I noticed a difference in wording on the top bar. I ended up trying all my accounts and could only find two different wordings, their might be more though. It looks like Twitter is doing an A/B test with the link title, “Find People” vs. “Who To Follow”. I have included some screen shots below.

Personally I prefer “Find People” since it is implies an action and I am being proactive about it. But I can see for Twitter newbies that “who to follow” is more about discovering and that is what would be a more enticing action.

I hope Twitter decides to share some statistics about the test on their official announcement of the feature.

Update (Nov 22, 2010 at 3:30pm)

I was just alerted by Jesse Lavery via Twitter that he has a variation that just says “People”

[blackbirdpie url=”!/jesselavery/status/6800198248439809″]

Update (Nov 29, 2010 at 11:40pm)

And apparently some accounts, like Mallory Wood‘s don’t have any link at all to “Find People”

Do you have a different variation? Feel free to post it in the comments.

5 replies on “Twitter A/B Testing “Find People””

Hmm.. Very interesting. I tried all my accounts and one variation was on all. Funny because I was the last to get the #newtwitter. They must have some method to their madness.

On two of the accounts I manage it says “Who to Follow” as you’ve shown above.

However, on my personal account and on another there is a blank space to the right of “messages.” “Who to Follow” appears in my drop down menu. Here’s an image:

I once heard that “Nick DeNardis is very observant.” Way to prove it!

My personal account now looks like @jesselavery and just says “People” in the top bar. “Who to Follow” is no longer in my drop down menu.

The two accounts that used to say “Who to Follow” changed too. One now says “People” and the other “Find People.”

Looks like twitter mixing it up!

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