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PHPSimpl 0.8.6 Stability Release

It's been a long time since I have updated PHPSimpl (opens new window). It doesn't mean changes have not been happening, it has just been at a comfortable place for me. Expanding it would mean committing myself to many more hours when other resources are already available. So for now I will continue to maintain the framework while adding stability and speed enhancements. I don't have any new features in the queue.

A rundown of the complete changes include:

  • Updated example
  • Fixed an issue where the Insert() function does not work if there is a primary key that is not auto_increment
  • Fixed an issue with the radio form multi select to validate
  • Added a h() function to output right from the DB, it does htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($text))
  • Fixed the XML Output to include a "raw" parameter which only takes array options
  • Added the ability to send $options['fields'] to the DbTemplate->Save() function to only save certain fields in the DB
  • Updated the SetValues() to urldecode hidden form fields because they were not in the past
  • Fixed issue #58 where SetValue() time was stripping the seconds off
  • Made some changes to the regex for php5 latest
  • Made some changes to help with php5.3 deprecations
  • Fixed most of the Notices in PHPSimpl
  • Fixed the Email validation in the Mail() class. It now allows .'s and -'s in the address
  • Now allow the ability to change the encoding of an Email when setting the Body(). Basically for base64 content
  • A few other minor bug fixes

This is a Recommended Update

Questions or Comments? Feel free to leave them in the PHPSimpl Group (opens new window). There is always someone to help available. By the way we love feature requests, keep them coming.