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New Google Analytics [Screenshots]

If you haven’t applied or looked already you may be missing out on the New Google Analytics. It looks like they are starting to roll it out slowly and our main university account just got activated. I have only been able to play with it a little and I wanted to share some screen shots to show off some new things.

It seems that the core tools have not changed a lot but the interface around them is completely changed. It feels far more responsive and moving in between pages doesn’t have the long loading that plagues the current interface.

The most notable feature addition is the customizable Dashboard which actually does allow you to pull in completely customized “Widgets” into a number of groupings. Creating these widgets is done the same way as segments so there is a lot of functionality.

If there is something specific you want to see just let me know and I can add to these screenshots.

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Hi Nick,

I’m so jealous! We have yet to be activated on the new version. I can’t wait.

I think I’m most excited about the ability to track events as goals and the improved custom reports features – also the fact that you will be able to turn off “all visits” in advanced segmentation. It’s the little things. : )

What are your thoughts on the new profile area interface? I’ve heard it’s 10x better than the current version.


I think the event tracking as goals is probably what I am most excited about. We have a lot of sites that link off to separate sites and having that feature will help with a lot of insights. You can totally turn off “All Visits” in advanced segments.

I am still exploring the interface but it is much smoother and quicker. It is far more “standard” google UI but I can see some weird things I hope they fix, like getting to the config for each account, but that has always been an issue in their interface.

I hope you get activated soon! 🙂

Still waiting on activation here…but glad to hear the interface is smoother and quicker. More intuitive, you think?

Got activation for our account a couple weeks ago and still playing around with it. Seems a lot more powerful, or at least a bit easier to read, in its ability to view meaningful data. A bit more intuitive too.

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