Twitter follow spam is getting smarter, but still making mistakes


Twitter spammers are getting smarter but they still make dumb mistakes. All of these accounts don’t look suspicious at first glance.

It’s in the details

  • No bio is a tip off
  • No website is another big tip off
  • All followed in a row which is a little weird
  • All have just a state name as their location
  • Three of the accounts all have the same recent three tweets
  • The top two tweets repeat words “restaurant steak” and “discounted concert tickets” twice. No people talk that way on Twitter. (humans try to save characters)
  • Lastly all the accounts use the same short URL’s. Just going to the + in shows all the other accounts using that URL. Take a look at, anything look familiar in the conversations area?

Come on spam, I know you are learning but really? I give the people props for being more subtle but they still have a long way to go before fooling a real human.

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  1. I have noticed too that spammers have changed their tactics too. But, should you really give them pointers for how to improve so they can eventually fool us 🙂 They are watching us (whispering).

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