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Refresh Detroit: Brad Colbow - Designing interfaces for mobile devices - September 19, 2012

In design, the user experience is paramount and getting the little details right can make a huge difference. In this presentation Brad talks about his experience designing interfaces for mobile devices and looking at how little changes can have a big impact on how we use them. You will be introduced to the world of human interface guidelines for mobile devices.

  • What can we learn by comparing and contrasting the guidelines of these mobile players and how can we incorporate it into our apps and websites?
  • What are the main differences in developing for these platforms and what do user experience designers need to take into account before starting a project?
  • Should you focus on building an app or make your website mobile friendly instead?

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# When: September 19, 2012 at 6:30pm

# Cost: Free (free parking, too)

# Location:

Thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (opens new window) for hosting our September event. We’ll be meeting in downtown Detroit at:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan 600 East Lafayette Street Detroit, MI map (opens new window) | parking at BCBSM (opens new window) (free)

Registration is required. Please register before 10am September 18.

# About Brad

(opens new window)Brad Colbow is creative director at Designing Interactive in Cleveland Ohio. Brad is an award-winning web designer, best known for his comics that are published monthly in .Net magazine and “The Brads” a (almost) weekly strip found on his personal website. His work has appeared on the New York Time’s website, CNET, Smashing Magazine and elsewhere. You can find out more about him and his work on his website (opens new window)

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