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[Screenshots] New Twitter follower email format

Looks like Twitter just updated their “following you” email format. I haven’t seen a reference to it on the Twitter Blog yet so it might be pushed out slowly. I have included screenshots of the old and new layouts above for comparison. A few things have been changing:


  • The subject now includes the person’s twitter handle
  • Location is removed (personally I use it to determine if someone is spammy)
  • Removed the “follows x users who follow you” (think this was a good removal, no value lost)
  • No more “What’s Next?” to explain how to send an @reply or DM (is this assumed now?)


  • Much more in line with updated Twitter homepage and overall look
  • Not sure what that check box is doing up there in the top right (it is not clickable)
  • The tweets/following/followers placement is far easier to scan
  • The large blue “View @person’s profile” is hard to miss as a next step
  • Underlines have been removed from all links. The link and text colors are a little too close for my comfort, I wonder how #a11y experts think about the change.

Overall I think Twitter is moving in the right direction but still has a little ways to go. I would love to see the location added back in, links being underlined and the addition of how many lists the user is on. I think the number of lists is a great indication of the impact the twitter has in their community.

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